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Creative Graduation Cap Ideas Perfect for Grads Who Like to Get Crafty

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In the past, the humble graduation hat was merely part of the customary and ceremonial “cap and gown” ensemble.  Today, however, it has been transformed into a canvas for crafty graduates looking to show off their amazing crafting skills and go out with a bang. Ceremonies are made all the brighter and more entertaining thanks to the crafty grads’ premeditated graduation cap ideas—which include clever, comical, and creative designs.

This collection of quirky caps ranges in style, concept, and inspiration. Many reference pop culture staples spanning well-known films, iconic television shows, and beloved childhood cartoon characters. On the opposite side of the spectrum, some convey political and social undertones with inspirational graduation quotes. Still, a large portion of these caps simply act as “thank you” notes to those who made it all possible: friends, family, and, of course, coffee.

In the last couple of years, with politics seeming to seep into every aspect of life, there has been a surge in political activism shining through graduates’ crafted caps. Students who are immigrants or whose parents have migrated from another country are proudly expressing how their family’s dreams are coming to fruition. Many people migrate to another country in order to lead a better life for their families, and education is one of the many privileges they seek out. As a result, these accessories are more than fancy headgear to them—they’re a symbol of success and a platform to show pride in their accomplishments.

Scroll down to see 60 graduation cap ideas.

We’ve selected some of the best graduation cap decoration ideas.


Cute Graduation Caps


“On to the next chapter.”


“We must go on and take the adventure that comes to us.”


“Next stop the academy.”


“Where life plants you, bloom with grace.” 


“She was unstoppable. Not because she did not have failures or doubts, but because she continued on despite them.”


“Mommy did it.”


“She came, she saw, she conquered!”

Custom Graduation Cap

Photo: Tyla Made It!


“I’m a savage, classy, bougie, graduate.”

Custom Graduation Cap 2022

Photo: Krafted Swell


“I’m standing here today because you helped me fund my way.”


“My future is booked.”


“Oh, the places you’ll go.”


“Adventure is out there.”


“You can find me in New York City.”


“This does put a smile on my face.”

Graduation Cap Art

Photo: catzfuhdays


“Rose to the occasion.”


“Don’t touch my crown.”


“And so the adventure begins.”


“Do better better.”


Movie and TV Show Themed Graduation Cap Ideas


The Flash: “Some things happen because we make them happen.”


Star Wars: “Never tell me the odds.”


The Little Mermaid: “The little graduate.”


Disney: “No one graduates like Gaston.” 

Graduation Cap Ideas

Photo: busybusymrsb


Lion King: “Hakuna matata.”

Graduation Hats

Photo: lvoekat


The Wizard of Oz: “You’ve had the power all along my dear. You just had to learn it for yourself.”


Harry Potter: “Life opens at the close.”

Creative Class of 2022 Graduation Caps

Photo: bettescustoms


Mean Girls: “Get in loser, we’re graduating.”

Graduation Cap Ideas

Photo: k.rosedesigns


The Office: “Bears. Beats. Bachelors Degree.”

Graduation Cap Art

Photo: csuebalumni


Spongebob: “5 years later…”

Graduation Cap Art



Spongebob: “Thousands of tears later…”


New Teachers


“Teacher in Training” 


“Teaching is a work of heart.”


Math and Science Graduate Cap Ideas


Biology/Pharmacy: “Knowledge is one hell of a drug.” 


Accounting: “I’ve been accounting down the days.”

Custom Graduation Cap 2022

Photo: drashbecappin


Dentistry: “Holy molar, I flossin did it.”

Biology: “When it comes to global health, there is no ‘them’, only ‘us’.”

Creative Grad Caps for Graduation

Photo: PaintItBetter


Psychology: “It’s been dope, but I’m psyched to get outta here.”

Creative Class of 2022 Graduation Caps

Photo: studiokiera_


Psychology: “Psyched for grad school.”


Biology: “Medicine owes Black people the level of transparency and care that it renders to others.”


Funny Graduation Cap Ideas


“Ight Imma Graduate.”

Spongebob Graduation Cap

Photo: studiokiera_


“I don’t even go here!”

Creative Graduation Cap Ideas

Photo: vivsrivs


“Bye, Mr. Anderson. I’m graduating…tardy or not.”

Funny Graduation Cap Design

Photo: butrflysoul


“Now hotter by one degree.”

“Hire me.”


“Thanks, pizza. You’ve stuck with me through thick and thin crust.”


“Goal digger.”


“Yikes. So what now?”


“Can I take a nap now?”


“Thank u, next.”

Graduation Cap Ideas

Photo: d.i.y.holic


“Because ‘coffee’ isn’t a major.”


Immigrant Graduates




“Proud product of immigrants.”


“My parents crossed the border so I could cross this stage!”


“They migrated so I graduated.”


“You may say I’m a dreamer, but I’m not the only one.”


Art Graduate Cap Ideas

Design: “Interior Design.”


Photography: “Licensed to shoot”

Custom Graduation Cap 2022

Photo: le_le_lines


Masters Graduation Cap Ideas


“I mastered it to change the world one word at a time.”


“She believed she could, so she mastered it.”


Graduates with Dogs


“I worked hard so my dog can have a better life.”


“I hope my dog is proud of me.”

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