December 9, 2023


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Cyber Monday Smart Home Deals Still Available: Big Discounts at Target, Amazon, Best Buy and More

Cyber Monday may be behind us but many of its best smart home deals are still available. Huge sales from major retailers like Amazon, Best Buy, Target and Walmart are continuing to roll on today, meaning a wide range of smart home gadgets are still sitting at their best prices of the year right now. 

If you’ve been itching to add some new color-changing lights to your setup, upgrade your Wi-Fi router, try out something new like a fingerprint-scanning smart lock or a self-emptying robot vacuum — now’s the time to start shopping.

To that end, we’ll be continuing to keep track of the best deals following Cyber Monday, so check back regularly for updates as new offers go live. For now, here’s a rundown of all the deals that are catching our attention.

Best Cyber Monday Smart Home Deals Available Now

Smart speaker deals



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Smart display deals


I’ll be honest, I didn’t even realize that Lenovo sold a version of its 4-inch smart display that sits beside a wireless charging dock for your phone, but it’s a pretty decent bedside pitch. With built-in Google Assistant voice controls, a simplified screen experience, and no camera whatsoever, this was a pretty likable device to begin with, even before it offered to charge your phone each night. 

Now, the gadget is half off for Cyber Monday, down to $45. If you’re looking for an “oh-what-the-heck” splurge in the smart home category, this one fits the bill without breaking the bank.

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Smart thermostat deals


The newest Nest Thermostat refined the display and shaved off the stainless steel rim to help bring the cost down to $130. Now, for Cyber Monday, Google and major retailers are offering that budget-minded model at a nice additional discount, bringing the cost all the way down to $90. You’re still getting all of the same Nest smarts for automated climate control at home — and it’s still a great-looking design, available in four colors (all of which are on sale).

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Smart home security deals


Ring’s second-gen security system was a cinch to use and performed well when we tested it out last year. Now, this Cyber Monday, you can score an 8-piece Ring Alarm setup for $160, or $90 off. 

For the money, you’re getting a reliable security system with the base station, a keypad, a range extender, and multiple sensor accessories to help you keep track of activity in and around your home. If you want to add in professional, 24/7 monitoring, it’ll cost you $10 a month, or $100 a year, which is a decent value in DIY security.

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Smart lock deals

Ry Crist/CNET

I spent part of my summer testing out some of the latest smart locks on the market, and my favorite of the bunch might have been the Ultraloq U-Bolt Pro. Along with a fingerprint scanner, the deadbolt features physical buttons for coded entry (much better for mittens and rainy days than touchpad controls), as well as a great app for managing access, strong Wi-Fi range and an insanely clever design that sees the entire front face fold down to reveal the keyway. Plus, it’s an ANSI grade 1 deadbolt, which means that it’s as secure as can be against brute force attacks.

Normally priced at $250 or so, Amazon currently has the Ultraloq U-Bolt Pro marked down to $199 with a further 40 coupon as a Cyber Monday special. It isn’t the fanciest version of the lock, which includes its own built-in Wi-Fi radio in addition to Bluetooth — instead, this one comes with a separate, plug-in Wi-Fi adapter. That’s totally fine, because you’re still getting everything that makes this an outstanding smart lock at an all-time low price.

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Video doorbell deals

The Arlo Essential Wi-Fi Video Doorbell is CNET’s top pick among doorbell cameras, which is no easy feat given how competitive that category is. An Editors’ Choice winner, the Arlo Essential won out thanks to strong features like package and object detection and broad compatibility with Alexa, Google and Apple HomeKit, as well as strong privacy standards with full, end-to-end encryption for your feed. 

Usually priced at $150, you can find the Arlo Essential on sale right now at major retailers for $80, which is an excellent deal.

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Smart lighting deals


It’s not the biggest deal of the season, but if you’re looking to stock up on color-changing smart bulbs that will work well with Matter, the new universal smart home standard backed by Amazon, Apple, Google, Samsung and countless others, then you’d be smart to go with Nanoleaf. The company’s offering up a three-pack of color-changing bulbs for $37 as a Cyber Monday special — they already work with Alexa, Google Assistant, and Apple HomeKit. But on top of that, they also feature built-in support for Thread, a Wi-Fi-based protocol that’s a big part of Matter’s vision for a more unified smart home experience. In other words, they’ll work great with whatever platform you prefer right now, and they’ll work great with Matter in the coming years, too.

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Robot vacuum deals


Self-emptying robot vacuums are the creme de la creme of automated cleaning, but the top models can cost well over $1,000. Meanwhile, there’s Roborock, a midrange brand that tends to punch above its weight class in CNET cleaning tests. For Cyber Monday, it’s offering a nice sale on its self-emptying model, the app-enabled Q7 Max Plus. It’s not just vacuuming — the model can mop, too, thanks to a built-in water reservoir, and you can sync it up with Alexa for voice-activated cleaning runs. At a sale price of $600, it’s an affordable way into the world of high-tech floor cleaning.

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Wi-Fi router deals

Ry Crist/CNET

This one isn’t exactly a Cyber Monday special — Amazon put all of its newest Eero mesh routers on sale weeks ago, right as Google was rolling out its own Nest Wifi Pro mesh router at a lower price. Now, those same deals have been rebranded as Cyber Monday specials.

Among all of them, I’d recommend the two-piece Eero Pro 6E system at its $299 discount price. For the money, you’re getting a high-speed mesh system that supports connections over the ultrawide 6GHz band, thanks to Wi-Fi 6E support. Speeds were strong in our tests, as was the system’s range, so the two-pack should be enough coverage for most homes (and you can always add a third device later on if needed). At $299, it’s priced the same as a two-piece Nest Wifi Pro system, and the Eero Pro 6E outperformed that system by a notable margin in our tests. That, plus strong smart home chops via the built-in Zigbee radio and Thread support, make the Eero Pro 6E an easy router to recommend.

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