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How to Visit Your Dream Household (and Pay out Off Your Mortgage loan) – Starfield Tutorial

The Desire Home Trait (or “Perk”) can be selected when you produce your character in Starfield. It permits you to take a look at a customizable luxurious dwelling that you generally get started with on the world Nesoi in the Olympus Program. The tradeoff is you have to shell out your home loan off at the GalBank in New Atlantis. Here is a comprehensive guide to the Dream Residence trait in Starfield, a person of our recommended greatest features.


How Expensive is the Dreamhouse Genuinely?

The 125,000 credit rating mortgage loan sounds rather steep, but there are a great deal of methods to make cash quick in Starfield. You can fork out your Dream Property property finance loan all in a single big chunk when you have it, just let the home go, or wait to shell out it off with (very) smaller penalties paid out occasionally.

Here’s a description of the Dream Home trait:

Dream Residence: You very own a lavish, customizable household on a tranquil world! Regrettably it arrives with a 125,000 credit score home loan with Galbank that has to be compensated in a person sum. A great that does not go in direction of your payment is assessed when coming into your household, which will remain locked if you really don’t pay back the 500 credit great. This fantastic does not go in direction of your property finance loan.

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How to Pay a visit to Your Dream Dwelling in Starfield


To stop by your household, you’ll need to have to do the adhering to:

  1. Select the Desire Home Trait at the commence of Starfield when creating your character.
  2. Entire the 1st two main missions of Starfield, Just one Smaller Step, the quest triggers the instant Sarah Morgan joins your get together.
  3. This brings about a side quest named Dream Residence to appear in your Missions menu. Decide on it to obtain a waypoint to the Olympus Program and Nesoi.
  4. The earth Nesoi won’t occur on your Starmap up if you are early in the game and haven’t been close to it, so you’ll have to detect the Olympus technique in the Star Map and then established a study course for it employing a few other stars as waypoints.

5. Jump to Narion from Alpha Centauri then to Olympus. It is suitable on top of Aranae so it’s tricky to click on on on the star map, but make positive you go to Olympus and not Aranae.

6. At the time in Olympus, again out on your star map to seem at the planets of the technique and highlight the Earth-like Nesoi. Set a study course.

7. At the time in orbit, appear for your home on the surface. Land and look for it, the only creating nearby. You may require to pay out some credits (500) to enter the to start with time.

How to Develop and Customise Your Dream Dwelling

On the 1st flooring, across from the entrance door, there is a little glowing panel on the wall. Activate this to start the home builder.


Listed here you can obtain products and place them around the residence, together with storage containers, bounty and quest laptop or computer interfaces, and mod benches. Hold B on the Xbox controller to depart this builder to use the new items you constructed.

How to Fork out Your Property finance loan

Activate the Aspiration Residence sidequest in the Missions menu. One particular of the targets is identified as: See Landry Hollifeld in New Atlantis About Your Home loan.


In New Atlantis, navigate to Galbank, just southwest of The Lodge. It is in a large creating with a green facade. He will tell you about your loan options. You can foreclose or shell out off your financial debt.

You will need to have to provide the money in full to him right here nonetheless, at your front doorway you can pay back off your financial loan in smaller sized chunks to enter the household.

This will guide to the Thanks In Full collection of “bounties” or facet quests to catch lenders that skipped on their payments to Galbank. These are unrelated to your home loan.

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