September 23, 2023


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Shop new Roku Smart Home devices for upgraded security

If you are like us here at Decider, your mind goes straight to streaming when you think of Roku. The brand is known for its line of streaming devices that make it incredibly easy to watch shows and movies directly from all our favorite services on any TV.

However, much like Amazon before it, Roku is now entering the smart home space with products rivaling Amazon’s Ring, Philips, and more.

If you haven’t yet upgraded your home to smart status, but are a dedicated Roku user, now might be the time. Roku Smart Home products are available in four categories: cameras, doorbells, lighting, and plugs.

All Roku Smart Home products can be controlled through the Roku Smart Home app, which can be downloaded on Apple and Android devices. All of the camera and doorbell video can be streamed through the app, and if you have a Roku streaming device, you can watch it from your TV as well.

All Roku Smart Home products are available to purchase at Walmart.


The answer to this depends on which smart home products you buy. Lights and plugs have never required a subscription.

While you can use the Roku video doorbells and cameras without a subscription, one is recommended to get the most out of all its features. Without a subscription, you’ll only get motion, sound alerts, and smoke and CO detection. There is cloud storage, but only for images. Upgrading to the Roku Smart Home subscription unlocks premium features, including detection for people, packages, vehicles, and pets, and you can save video clips in the cloud for 14 days after they’re recorded.

A Roku Smart Home subscription costs $3.99/month or $39.99/year for one camera. We think upgrading to the Premium Plus plan for $9.99/month or $99.99/year is worth it if you have multiple cameras.


1. Wired Indoor Camera SE, $20, original price: $27

roku wired indoor camera
Photo: Roku

Want to monitor the kids during playtime or keep an eye on the dog? This Roku Smart Home camera can be your eyes and ears in every room of the house.

2. Wired Indoor Camera SE 360-Degrees, $40

roku 360 indoor camera
Photo: Roku

This camera serves a similar purpose to the basic indoor wired camera. However, it spins 360 degrees horizontally and 93 degrees vertically, giving you an active view of whatever room you place it in. It also has motion tracking.

3. Outdoor Camera SE, $73

roku outdoor camera se
Photo: Roku

Battery-powered and designed to withstand weather, this outdoor Roku Smart Home camera was made to monitor outdoors. It has 1080p video, which stays sharp in the dark thanks to night vision.

4. Wired Outdoor Camera SE, $50

roku outdoor wired camera
Photo: Roku

If you have power outside of your house, consider the wired outdoor camera, which has all of the functionality of the wireless option, less the battery.

5. Wired Floodlight Camera, $99

roku floodlight camera
Photo: Roku

This improves upon the wired outdoor camera by adding two LED spotlights that shine a whopping 2600 lumens. It’s perfect for darker areas, like backyards or alleyways.


1. Wired Video Doorbell and Chime, $60, original price: $80

roku wired video doorbell
Photo: Roku

The wired video doorbell and chime work similarly to the standalone cameras in that you’ll get motion alerts when there’s motion in front of the camera, but there’s the addition of a doorbell. With two-way audio, you can talk to the people outside your door from inside your house and place the chime anywhere in your home to hear one of 19 different sounds when the bell is rung.

2. Wireless Video Doorbell and Chime, $99

roku wireless video doorbell
Photo: Roku

The only difference between this and the wired video doorbell is that this one runs on rechargeable, long-lasting batteries.


1. Smart Bulb Color SE (2-pack), $18

roku smart bulbs color
Photo: Roku

You can control the mood of any room with these color lightbulbs, which can make a staggering 16 million colors, plus adjustable temperature and brightness. Create the perfect lighting every time using the Roku Smart Home app, and save your favorites for easy access. These are even Alexa and Google Assistant-enabled, so you can turn your lights on using your voice, regardless of your existing smart home ecosystem.

2. Smart Bulb SE (4-pack), $24

roku smart bulbs white
Photo: Roku

These function the same way as the colored smart light bulbs, only instead of 16 million colors, these go from a warm glow to a cool bright light.

3. LED Smart Light Strip, $23-45

roku led light strip
Photo: Roku

Like the bulbs, these app-controlled LED light strips can shine in 16 million colors. They can easily be cut to fit whatever space you want to put them in, whether it’s behind your TV or underneath your kitchen cabinets. They come in two sizes: 16 feet and 32 feet.


1. Indoor Smart Plug SE, $14

roku indoor smart plugs
Photo: Roku

Want your coffee maker to turn on at a specific time every day? What about turning on your fan at bedtime every night? These app-controlled smart plugs make scheduling easy. Plug these into an outlet, and then plug whatever you want to time into it. These also work with Alexa and Google Assistant.

2. Outdoor Smart Plug SE, $15

roku outdoor smart plug
Photo: Roku

The weather-resistant outdoor Roku Smart Plug features two outlets that can both be controlled independently of one another. For example, you can switch your patio lights on while keeping your holiday lights off. Like the indoor plug, all scheduling can be done through the Roku Smart Home app.