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Starfield Outposts explained: How to build bases

Published: 2023-09-21T17:18:27

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In Starfield, you can build Outposts on several planets, eventually gaining the ability to start your own space colony. If you’re wondering how to build these bases, here’s everything you need to know about Starfield’s Outposts, including their stats and what you can build.

Starfield, Bethesda’s space-themed RPG, features hundreds of hours of content for players to check out, among which is base building. This feature, known as ‘Outposts’, will be familiar to Fallout 4 players as a popular mechanic, and may even serve as an upgrade over its settlement system.

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Outposts in Starfield can be used as homes and mobile bases. You can also utilize them to mine resources across the massive universe. Since there are over 1000 planets to explore, you can set up several Outposts across them, and have NPCs colonize them.

Here’s everything you need to know about base building and Outposts in Starfield.

How to build Outposts in Starfield

buidling outpost in starfield with modify modeBethesda / u/SpiritualBacon

Starfield has an isometric camera for building outposts.

To build an Outpost in Starfield, you’ll need to set up an Outpost Beacon. To do this, press the LB button for Xbox or the F key for PC and then press the X button for Xbox or the R key for PC. This lays down an Outpost Beacon which claims all the surrounding land.

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Bases are known as Outposts in Starfield. In Fallout 4, bases could only be built in specific locations, but in Fallout 76, they could be built virtually anywhere by using a C.A.M.P. device. Starfield is similar to the latter as you only need the Outpost Beacon to begin construction.

So, the first step is to find a suitable location for your base by scanning for useful resources, flora, and fauna. Then, you just place an Outpost Beacon to claim the location for yourself. You can then enter an isometric camera perspective called Modify Mode to plan your space settlement. Just like the Fallout games, there are limitations to how high or wide you can build.

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Outpost stats in Starfield

There are four things to be aware of when building your base in Starfield — Cargo, Crew, Power, and Production. These show up on the bottom-right corner of the HUD when building.

  • Cargo – This is the amount of storage you have.
  • Crew – The number of crew needed by the Outpost to run it.
  • Power –
    • Needed Power The total power needed to run everything.
    • Total Power – The amount of power being generated
  • Production – Amount of resources being generated.
  • Build Limit – The number of structures you are allowed to build.

What structures can you build in Starfield?

Starfield has tons of structures, materials, prefabs, and more for you to build. You assemble multiple modules together to build your base in Starfield. These modules include habitation units, rooms for science, military, hydroponics, and more.

inside an outpost in starfieldBethesda

To build an Outpost in Starfield, you place an Outpost Beacon.

Here is what you can build in Starfield:

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  • Outpost Airlock
  • Four Wall Hab
  • Hydroponic Hab A
  • Hydroponic Hab B
  • Science Hab Small
  • Science Hab Flat Small
  • Military Hab
  • Hab Round
  • Hydroponic Hab Round
  • Small Hex Hab
  • Hallway – Industrial
  • Watchtower

Habitats A.K.A. Habs in Starfield are a very important part of the base since they house your crew members.

Also, here are some of the building resources:

  • Iron
  • Aluminium
  • Nickel
  • Sealant
  • Lead

That is all you need to know about base building and Outposts in Starfield. For more on the game, check out our guides below:

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