December 9, 2023


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The 4 Worst Spots You Could Set Your Alexa Speaker

You could technically put your Amazon Echo speaker in any position in your house, from your kitchen area counter to your residing area shelf or your bedside table. But just since you can place it everywhere won’t indicate you must. There are some locations you need to rethink placing your Alexa intelligent speakers and clever shows, owing to both equally privacy threats and the likely for detrimental your Echo.

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You may perhaps know that putting your Alexa system around water isn’t secure, but did you know that thieves could access your sensible residence product from outside the house if it really is positioned as well shut to a window? 

Maintain looking through to locate out the place you undoubtedly should really avoid placing your Echo units, and the most effective spots for them to go rather. (For a lot more Amazon Echo guidelines, check out out which Alexa settings you ought to adjust ASAP, the five useful Echo capabilities you should really attempt these days and the latest Alexa commands.)

1. Preserve Alexa away from your bathroom

Putting an Echo near your rest room is, really just, gross. Assume of all the germs that linger all-around that area — even in tremendous-cleanse loos. Nevertheless, if you will have to have an Echo system in your rest room (and, Okay, we can see the appeal), try out placing it as much away from the rest room as possible. 

If you can, mount it on a wall with a sticky strip or a nail. Just make absolutely sure it truly is secure so it isn’t going to drop, and recall to location it near an outlet so you can plug it in. Also, preserve it away from the bathtub (duh!). You wouldn’t want to fry your Echo. 

A bathtub and shower in a bathroom with tile floor

You should not even consider about placing your Echo near the bathtub!

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2. Stay clear of placing Alexa near a sink

If you are making an attempt to drown out the appears of Alexa’s voice, then, by all signifies, put your high-priced Echo by a sink. Even so, if you want to hold it intact, by no means spot it anyplace around drinking water.

You will not want to danger your kitchen h2o sprayer likely haywire and soaking your Echo product, or a tall product receiving tipped into the sink. Rather, location it on a different counter, like a kitchen island, or tuck it into a corner the place it truly is farther from splattering spaghetti sauce and drinking water spray. It’s going to keep cleaner and could sound far better, also.

3. Never place Alexa by your home windows

Continue to keep your Echo away from all the windows in your household. The place could likely give everyone from the outside the house entry to your Echo, and that could give obtain to your other smart residence units. For case in point, if your car or truck is related to your intelligent speaker, an individual may possibly be capable to unlock and start it.

An Echo Dot on a table near a window

If your Echo is around a window, transfer it.

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4. Alexa shouldn’t go below your Tv set

How many commercials are out there that say, “Alexa, play…” and activate your Echo? Or if the Television claims nearly anything that appears a whole lot like “Alexa,” just take a guess at what’s going to activate. 

Not only does this interrupt the demonstrate you are looking at, but it also starts off recording what is actually stated after the command. So if you happen to be owning a private dialogue and Alexa kicks in, you happen to be risking your privacy. Positioning it on a side table tends to make extra sense and is additional possible to retain the voice assistant silent until you make a command.

So, exactly where really should you place your Amazon Echo?

  • In the corner of your dwelling home (away from windows)
  • A area wherever it truly is simply seen to you, so you can see when the gentle ring lights up
  • On your bedside table
  • On the edge of your kitchen area counter — considerably, considerably away from your sink
  • On a mantle or shelf
  • Mounted on a wall that is not dealing with a window

You can also read our tale on the four best uses for your Amazon Echo gadget in every single place of your dwelling to support you make your mind up in which to spot your Echo. 

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