July 22, 2024


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This spherical robot is your smart home guard and your family companion

This spherical robot is your smart home guard and your family companion
This spherical robot is your smart home guard and your family companion

Our homes are starting to be filled with technology, and not just from the computers and smartphones that we use day in and day out. But despite all the advancements in software, AI, and human-computer interaction, these technologies still feel distant and almost impersonal. Even those “personal” AI assistants are nothing more than disembodied voices that can hear us and not much else. These devices and services do make life convenient, but they don’t always help us with the other important things in life, like connecting with or checking up with another, especially when we’re not at home. The average human spends 26 years of their life sleeping and 30 years of their life working. That leaves just 1~2 hours in a day to truly connect with family, elders, or pets if we’re lucky. With all that time apart and no one there to supervise, there can be a lot of concern about the health and safety of our loved ones. This is why Enabot created the EBO X, your family’s protector, companion, and playmate. Smart home security cameras just don’t cut it, especially because they lack that “human touch,” and that is the kind of connection that this adorable moving homebot is trying to make while also making sure that your family and house are safe.

Designer: Enabot Design

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This spherical robot is your smart home guard and your family companion

Smart Mapping – Provides EBO X with autonomous & accurate movement ability. Upon first use, EBO X will travel through your house using V-SLAM technology. This will allow EBO X to travel anywhere in the house.

Self-balanced Two-wheeled Design – EBO X ensures flexible mobility and high-precision motion control. EBO X can move around your home with ease and turn 360 degrees smoothly.

4K Stabilized Camera – EBO X’s 4K camera is one-axis stabilized, and the vertical angle is adjustable within a range of 104 degrees. EBO X has an 8-megapixel ultra low-light sensor and provides the super large 106-degree FOV.

Smart Tracking – If your child says “EBOEBO , follow me!”, EBO X will follow him or her anywhere it can reach, just like a loyal companion.

Edge Detection & Obstacle Avoidance – With multiple built-in dToF and ALS sensors, EBO X will stop itself from crossing any edge and avoid obstacles.

EBO X is, first and foremost, a smart guardian for the home and the family. Thanks to its self-balanced two-wheeled design and especially its smart mapping capabilities, it can go reach almost any part of your house. Despite this, users can set up restricted areas to protect their privacy. Not only can it map the layout of your house using V-SLAM (Visual Simultaneous Localization and Mapping), detecting edges and deftly avoiding obstacles, it can see clearly no matter the time of day or night with its stabilized 4K camera and 8MP ultra low-light sensor. It can even hear and turn towards the source of a sound, following not only your voice but also a potential accident.

Elderly Fall Alert – EBO X can be set to detect the fall-down of an elderly during auto-cruising. lf detected, it will send alerts through 3 optional ways to ask for help.

Crying & Call-for-help Alert – If your child is crying, EBO X will detect it and trigger an App call to you. Besides, EBO X will inform you through the App call if anyone at home is experiencing an emergency and calls for help.

Facial Recognition & Medication Reminder – At a scheduled time, EBO X can find the specific family member by facial recognition, and send the medication reminders in voice.

Unlike even the smartest home security systems, the EBO X robot is also your family’s protector. It can detect and report when someone, especially an elderly person, has fallen down and alert family or emergency services. It can do the same for someone crying for help, calling your attention through the app. It can also help prevent accidents in the first place by reminding family members to take their medication, even when no one else is around. It can use facial recognition to find your loved one around the house and give them a gentle nudge to take their meds.

The robot, however, does more than just secure your home and safeguard your family. It puts a face on these technologies, literally and figuratively. EBO X’s cute face will endear itself to members of your family, regardless of their ages. It can follow kids around, ensuring their safety while also keeping them entertained with sound effects and music through its premium Harman AudioEFX speaker. EBO X also uses Alexa Voice Control, so every convenience is just a voice command away. The robot can take pictures of the whole family, or it can even take low-angle photos of your furry family members. It can act as a two-way communication between those at home and those far away, bridging the distance in a far more interesting way than a simple call.

Enabot designed EBO X with privacy protection at the forefront of our minds, and Enabot truly focused on user privacy and made some improvements. For example, all the media files could be optionally stored only on the local SD card, and you can use the privacy switch in the App to remotely turn off the gimbal camera. You can also physically press the gimbal button on the camera, which can completely obscure the camera from the product structure. When EBO X detects that the gimbal is completely closed, it will stop video recording. Besides this, the circular 4-array microphone at the top can also be powered off at the hardware level to ensure that the camera and microphone are not being monitored or bugged.

Protector, companion, and playmate, the EBO X robot puts an emphasis on the “home” part of smart homes. Combining three devices in one, the agile smart guardian keeps your family safe, entertained, and comfortable, creating an environment that you can truly call home. All these for a sweet Super Early Bird price of $569, a large $430 discount off its $999 MSRP.

Click Here to Buy Now: $569 $999 ($430 off). Hurry, only 50/480 left! Raised over $280,000.